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    Thanks for all you said in my thread...I think you deserve a kudo for your kind words..
    Love n' Hugs,


    Reply from Caruso 2702:

    I meant every word i said..and you are so very welcome. You are really so blessed with the talent you have of putting into pictures Josh's internal and external beauty. JOsh is an enigma...a wonder....and no matter how much we get to 'know' about him...he will always be a mystery. A deep well of emotion and spirituality. He isnt aware of it ...but we can 'feel' the light and love eminating from that soul. It is unavoidable. He is powerful in his innocense and humbleness.
    I hope we get to talk again soon. If you look on your thread, i have added another post.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with us...
    God bless you...
    Love and Hugs

My blog

  1. Random

    02/26/09 19:10:01 | 1 Comments

    Okay, iam not so sure what a blog is, but i will be making some entries (mostly about Josh, of course) and some about the way my mind works and how i see the world, and how i feel about things...
    Hope whoever reads them will not be bored.
    Before i go....I LOVE JOSH!!!!!

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